Scorching attraction - hotter than the Greek sun! Tycoon's Revenge Milos Stephanides has never forgotten - or forgiven! - Helen Shaw walking away from their affair. So when he meets her again by chance, his goal is clear - to soothe his wounded pride he means to take his sweet revenge by seduction! Blackmailed Into Bed When ruthless billionaire Xante Rossi catches unassuming Karin stealing something from him, he is incensed. But fury soon turns to desire as he realises he has the perfect punishment. He will keep Karin's secret, if she agrees to become his lover! Ruthless Retribution Seven years ago innocent Jessica Mashall almost brought ruthless millionaire Angelos Rousakis to his knees by foolishly falling for him. Angelos has worked hard to claim back his fortune, and his reward? Jessica in his bed!

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