Vladimir Naumovich Gribov was one of the most outstanding theorists, a key figure in the creation of the modern elementary particle physics. His many discoveries are famous and well accepted by the physics community (Gribov-Regge theory of high energy hadron interactions, Gribov vacuum pole — Pomeron, Reggeon field theory, parton evolution equations, neutrino oscillations, Gribov copies in non-Abelian gauge field theories, etc.); Some of his ideas look unacceptable and strange at the first glance. Even at the second glance.Nowadays, under the weight of new theoretical developments and experimental results, his ideas are receiving the recognition they deserve. The Gribov Memorial Workshop, organized on his 75th birthday in Budapest, Hungary in 2005, clearly demonstrated the wealth and fertilization force of his ideas. Close colleagues, younger followers, world experts of the quark-hadron world have gathered together to display new angles of the Gribov heritage. And to remember the personality of a great man.This book collects the talks presented at, and contributed to, the Gribov-75 Memorial Workshop.

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