Create Business and Generate Profits inNew Markets through Innovation!The best account I have read about how companies can enable and support internal entrepreneurs to achieve innovation-led growth.Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of ManagementAn essential resource for both private and public sector leaders seeking to align new business creation with an organizations mission and strategy . . . and achieve results.William J. Perry, former U.S. Secretary of DefenseWolcott and Lippitz are not only insightful, they are spot on. This is exactly the book corporate leadersfrom CEOs and functional executives to corporate entrepreneurial teamsneed to help them navigate theexceptional challenges of organic growth and innovation.Betsy Holden, Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company, and former Co-CEO, Kraft Foods, Inc.About the Book:IBM reports $15 billion of annualnew revenues from 22 EmergingBusiness Opportunities.In 2008, $4 billion in revenues fromcompanywide innovation efforts allowedWhirlpool to maintain its top line, despiteglobal recession and the steep dropin housing markets.A DuPont business group leader,Ellen Kullman, backed an ambitious newbusiness creation program and laterbecame DuPonts CEO.Each of these companies has learned how tocreate new businesses on a repeatable basis.In Grow from Within, two leading scholarsfrom the Kellogg School of Managementexplain how your company can discover theright approach to corporate entrepreneurshipand make it profitable.Taking innovation to the next level, corporateentrepreneurship is the process of buildingnew businesses within an established organizationnew businesses that are distinctfrom the core company but that leveragesome of its most powerful assets.Grow from Within examines:The fundamentals of designing anew businessThe four dominant models ofcorporate entrepreneurshipWays to align your innovationprogram with your strategyLeadership requirements fordeveloping new businessesInnovation is critical to business successand growth, but its only the first step. Withoutstrategically driven processes to turninsights into growing businesses, even thebest ideas can fail. Creativity is often serendipitous;innovation management shouldnot be.Grow from Within provides the knowledgeyou need to conceive and design valuablenew businesses that breathe life into ideasand dramatically improve your top and bottomlines.

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