Become a market leader in under 6 monthspowered by Google AdWords!If your concerns are brand awareness and exposure, you andGoogle AdWords are a match made in heaven. Not only is thisinnovative advertising system extraordinarily effective, its suitedfor any budget and you can launch a campaign in minutes!Theres one catch: Google doesnt reveal the secretsbehind what works and what doesnt. Thats where GrowYour Business With Google AdWords comes in. Inside thisuseful guide, international online marketing guru Jon Smithexplains how to get the most out of AdWords byDeveloping a winning strategyComing up with killer keywordsLaunching an AdWords campaignWriting an attention-grabbing adTracking clicks and converting them to salesWhen you have a well-conceived and carefully managedcampaign, you pay Google only when real prospects click ontoyour sitewhich leads to increased revenue and businessgrowth beyond your wildest expectations.

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