Growth Management - In Recessions and Boom timesSuccessful people and companies do two things at the same time: they deliver cash today, and sustainable growth tomorrow. They operate the business efficiently and they see and deliver great new opportunities. They use two different styles of thinking and management. Wearing Two Hats is essential to business. But how and when to wear each one?"We just can't implement anymore", "No one trusts us to do anything, everything has to go upstairs," There's no joined up thinking in this business". More and more these are the phrases of modern business life. Frustration is at all levels of companies, driven by a short term profit focus at the expense of longer term sustainable growth. Customer choice is at overload, they are more brand promiscuous. Employees move companies and sectors readily, there are far fewer 'careers for life'. Companies are losing experience and processes as they slim down to remain nimble, reducing their ability to grow new business. Businesses and employees today must be comfortable wearing Two Hats: running the day job and separately delivering sustainable growth. But without the support and structure of the company and people around them, they will fail. This book explains the need for Two Hats and focuses on how to deliver sustainable growth in good times and bad. It works for organisations and individuals.

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