Hair Power - Skin Revolution is a collection of poetry and personal essays from a diverse group of black and mixed-race women - everyday women expressing themselves in their own unique style. The collection includes contributions from forty-eight authors, that explore the issues, interests, cultural and historical influences that have shaped their times and their imaginations. The writers offer empowering and creative ways of understanding and relating to the themes of hair and skin. They tell their narratives, presenting their views in passionate, intelligent, humorous, strong and reflective voices, some unheard; some previously published in the former two Shangwe anthologies. This third Shangwe anthology, by nature of its cultural diversity components successfully contributes towards representing and promoting the writing of women from African and African-Caribbean backgrounds. As well as being a contribution towards Black British literature, this anthology celebrates, reflects upon and embraces our diverse female identities and the common-thread that unites us living the UK experience.

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