The Hanbali School of Law and Ibn Taymiyyah provides a valuable account of the development of Hanbalite jurisprudence, placing the theoretical and conceptual parameters of this tradition within the grasp of the interested reader. Studying the vibrant yet controversial interaction between Ibn Taymiyyah and the Hanbali School of law, this book assesses to what extent this relationship was a conflict or reconciliation. The author takes a detailed exploration of the following issues: the strength of contributions made to this School by earlier paragons associated with Ahmad Ibn Hanbal the contextual constructs which shaped the tradition's development the methodology and literature synonyms within the classical School the manner by which Ibn Taymiyyah engaged with the Hanbali tradition the impact of his thought upon the later expression of the School's legal doctrines and its theoretical principles the contribution made by this School in general to the synthesis of Islamic law. Giving background material to the Hanbali School of law, this book is a vital reference work for those with interests in Islamic law, the history of the Hanbalite tradition and its principle luminaries.

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