Recording issues and obstacles as well as groundbreaking victories in the recognition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) rights in politics and policy, this landmark handbook introduces core considerations necessary for prompting governmental initiatives and social structures to better serve the GLBT population. Its impressive range of research enlightens all corners of GLBT public administrative theory and practice, including state, national, and international policy; educational, health, and criminal justice administration; and specialized community issues.Beginning with a foreword by U.S. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, the handbook's broad reach covers the most recent advances in GLBT politics and policy in the U.S.political party support of gay rights in the legislative and executive branchesthe influence citizens have in shaping gay rights at the state levellegislation and challenges specific to transgender and bisexual rightsGLBT youth issues in light of the current mainstream cultural climatethe disparity between developed and developing nations in tolerance and protection of gay rightshealth and healthcare matters impacting the GLBT communityGLBT concerns in elementary and secondary schools, ranging from employment and curriculum to harassment and support systemshigher-education struggles, as well as the prospects for greater societal change stemming from campus progresshate crimes, including a focused analysis of law enforcement handling of GLBT homicidesother GLBT-germane aspects of the criminal justice systemCollecting the diverse perspectives of top-tier administrators, educators, researchers, political writers, activists, social workers, and other professionals, this resource is key reading for public administrators, public planners, public policy specialists, and undergraduate and graduate students in these and similar disciplines.

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