Written by nearly 25 authorities in the field, the Handbook of Global International Policy focuses on public policy issues among and within nations on every continent-comparing approaches and applications to real-world problems.Beginning with a thorough introduction to the subject, the Handbook reviewsformer and emerging U.S. decision-making foreign policies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Africa, and Haiti rebel conflicts and restored relations among Eritrea, the Sudan, and Ethiopia Spanish enclaves in Northern Africa pre- and post-Cold War policies in East Asia, including North and South Korea arms control and disarmament programs around the world ongoing risks in the Middle East nationalism and its effect in Slovenia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia peacekeeping efforts in Eastern Europe by Russia civil and military relations between North-Rhine Westphalia and the European Union England's public relations effort regarding European unity integration and national conflicts of the Zapatista movement in Mexico Columbia's attempts to apply military control and civil laws to combat internal problems the findings of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Project case and more! With over 1000 key literature citations and illustrations, the Handbook of Global International Policy serves as timely reading for public administrators and public policy experts, political scientists, economists, sociologists, attorneys, and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

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