Manufacturing Systems Management (MSM) is a functional domain that involves all of the activities for regulating and optimizing a manufacturing system as it progresses through its life cycle. These include the tasks of strategic analysis, design, implementation, operations and monitoring.Handbook of Manufacturing and Supply Systems Design: From Strategy Formulation to System Operation proposes a conceptual MSM framework based on some key principles of systems theory, which draws extensively on the relevant methodologies and techniques set out in the literature and on data gathered from industrial practice. This framework specifies the key functional areas of MSM, outlines the contents and relationships between them, and then logically integrates them in a closed-loop to allow the development of a set of consistent parameters and procedures. It enables an understanding of the problem domain, and provides guidance for the development of a set of consistent parameters and procedures. The handbook describes how a prototype of this framework has been used in the structuring and implementation of a computer-aided manufacturing system design environment. The application of certain key aspects of this framework within a number of industrial companies is also described. This sets the scene for a new generation of on-line manufacturing software systems, and should provide the knowledge to manage system design or re-design projects more effectively. Also included is a self-contained workbook, which provides a step-by-step guide through the complete cycle of manufacturing systems management, manufacturing systems design and manufacturing systems operation. Senior undergraduates and graduates students, as well as manufacturing engineers, should find this an up-to-date and thorough text.

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