The Handbook of Networked and Embedded Control Systems, the first of its kind, provides engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and students a broad, comprehensive source of information and technology to address many questions and aspects of embedded and networked control. A carefully organized collection of important results, tools, software, and technology, this work unifies into a single reference many scattered articles, websites, and specification sheets information that might otherwise be difficult to find. Key topics and features include: - Self-contained, sharply-focused articles - Clear structure and presentation of concepts in intuitive order - Separation of material into six main sections: Fundamentals, Hardware, Software, Theory, Networking, and Applications - Case studies, experiments, and examples that provide a multifaceted view of the subject - Information about commercially available tools and hardware - Comprehensive bibliographies and index This is an indispensable text for anyone interested in knowing more about embedded and networked control systems. Researchers will appreciate the handbooks up-to-date results in the theory of embedded control; developers and users will value its information on special-purpose computer hardware and operating systems modifications that support real-time control; students will find the systematic organization and wide coverage useful for learning and reference.

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