How many times have you had to persuade colleagues or acquaintances to accept your ideas or opinions? Now there is a user-friendly and accessible handbook that leads you through some 300 important persuasive tactics such as cross-referencing, analogy, argument presentation, humor, metaphor, and active listening, all presented in a clear and concise manner. Each tactic is described, illustrated by practical examples, and followed by suggestions for further reading. The "Handbook of Persuasive Tactics" was compiled from research findings in communications, linguistics, pragmatics and related fields. Active communicators in management or communications studies have the option of using this book either as a reference tool or a manual for goal-oriented speech. An etensive index lists the persuasive tasks communicators might need to perform such as setting the agenda, avoiding a subject, conceding a point, and presenting oneself as trustworthy. Ideal for business professionals or courses in the management of interaction, pragmatics, discourse analysis, and communications.

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