Spanning the entire field from fundamentals to applications in material science, this one-stop source is the first comprehensive reference for polymer, physical and surface chemists, materials scientists, chemical engineers, and those chemists working in industry.From the contents:Introduction: Living Free Radical Polymerization and the RAFT ProcessFundamental Structure-Reactivity Correlations Governing the RAFT ProcessMechanism and KineticsThe RAFT Process as a Kinetic ToolTheory and Practice in Technical ApplicationsRAFT Polymerization in Bulk and Organic Solvents, as well as Homogeneous Aqueous SystemsEmulsion and Mini-Emulsion PolymerizationComplex Architecture DesignMacromolecular Design via the Interchange of XanthatesSurface ModificationStability and Physical Properties of RAFT PolymersNovel Materials: From Drug Delivery to Opto-ElectronicsOutlook and Future Developments

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