Powerful software often comes, unfortunately, with an overwhelming amount of documentation. As a leading statistics software package, SAS is no exception. Its manuals comprise well over 10,000 pages and can intimidate, or at least bewilder, all but the most experienced users.A Handbook of Statistical Analyses using SAS, Second Edition comes to the rescue. Fully revised to reflect SAS Version 8.1, it gives a concise, straightforward description of how to conduct a range of statistical analyses. The authors have updated and expanded every chapter in this new edition, and have incorporated a significant amount of new material. The book now contains more graphical material, more and better data sets within each chapter, more exercises, and more statistical background for each method. Completely new topics include the following:"Data description and simple inference for categorical variables"Generalized linear models "Longitudinal data: Two new chapters discuss simple approaches, graphs,...

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