This book is a compilation of techniques and devices for collecting and rearing insects that should appeal to educators as well as professional or amateur entomologists. Insects are easy to collect and raise and have a fascinating array of life histories, which make them great for classroom studies. With minimal space and costs, colonies of insects can be raised in classrooms for use in behavioral and physiological studies. The small size and tremendous reproductive capacity of insects are ideal for ecological studies of dispersion, predation, parasitism and reproduction in compressed timeframes and small areas relative to similar studies of larger organisms. This book explains the various techniques of how to build rearing devices and use insect collecting to stimulate insect exploration. Anyone with basic hand tools, a little skill, and patience can construct these devices. A materials list, instructions for assembly, construction tips, and photographs are included for each device discussed in the text. Most of them require less than 1 hour assembly time and cost very little because they can be made from recycled items. There is also a review of simple statistics for use in the classroom, and, if appropriate, suggestions for classroom projects including simple statistical analyses.

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