Presents primary hardware-based computer security approaches in an easy-to-read toolbox formatProtecting valuable personal information against theft is a mission-critical component of today's electronic business community. In an effort to combat this serious and growing problem, the Intelligence and Defense communities have successfully employed the use of hardware-based security devices.This book provides a road map of the hardware-based security devices that can defeatand preventattacks by hackers. Beginning with an overview of the basic elements of computer security, the book covers:CryptographyKey generation and distributionThe qualities of security solutionsSecure co-processorsSecure bootstrap loadingSecure memory management and trusted execution technologyTrusted Platform Module (TPM)Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)Hardware-based authentificationBiometricsTokensLocation technologiesHardware-Based Computer Security Techniques to Defeat Hackers includes a chapter devoted entirely to showing readers how they can implement the strategies and technologies discussed. Finally, it concludes with two examples of security systems put into practice.The information and critical analysis techniques provided in this user-friendly book are invaluable for a range of professionals, including IT personnel, computer engineers, computer security specialists, electrical engineers, software engineers, and industry analysts.

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