This self-contained volume in honor of John J. Benedetto covers a wide range of topics in harmonic analysis and related areas, including weighted-norm inequalities, frame theory, wavelet theory, time-frequency analysis, and sampling theory. The invited chapters pay tribute to Johns many achievements and express an appreciation for both the mathematical and personal inspiration he has given to so many students, coauthors, and colleagues. Although the scope of the book is broad, chapters are clustered by topic to provide authoritative expositions that will be of lasting interest. Contributors: A. Aldroubi, L. Baggett, G. Benke, C. Cabrelli, P.G. Casazza, O. Christensen, W. Czaja, M. Fickus, J.-P. Gabardo, K. Gröchenig, K. Guo, E. Hayashi, C. Heil, H.P. Heinig, J.A. Hogan, E. Kovacevic, D. Labate, J.D. Lakey, D. Larson, M.T. Leon, S. Li, W.-Q Lim, A. Lindner, U. Molter, A.M. Powell, B. Rom, E. Schulz, T. Sorrells, D. Speegle, K.F. Taylor, J. Tremain, D. Walnut, G. Weiss, E. Wilson, G. Zimmermann

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