A timely evaluation of how a harmonious business environment can be created and managed successfully in an increasingly turbulent business environment. Part one of this book examines how Asian firms endeavour to harmonise their business environment. It considers the concept of harmony and its impact on joint venture performance and the benefit of harmonious interactions between Chinese and foreign firms. The role of trust is explored in terms of knowledge generation and dissemination and how trust is likely to shift over time in international joint alliances. The book reviews how harmonizing processes such as trust-building, communication, leadership, shared goals and commitment differ within the context of the cultural framework of global companies. Part two focuses on conflict in Asian Business including the relationship between Chinese cultural values and consumers' complaint behaviour. The serious issue of pirated products is considered with a review of the profile and perceptions of buyers of such products. It also looks at the various effects of economic and health crises on marketing activities. This book provides a new framework with which to analyze the competitive potential of business groups inAsia.

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