The good news is: You've got a date. The bad news is: Your mother sent him. Picture this: Mom swears she's found "the one" for you, her baby girl, and you end up on the date from hell. If you've been there, done that, you'll appreciate the dating catch-22 that is Have I Got a Guy for You. In this take-no-prisoners collection of hilarious, wince-inducing true stories, you'll meet two dozen victims of Mom's well-meaning meddling and hear the unvarnished details of what they suffered through: 1. The schoolteacher who never wants to leave his house-or the couch 2. The mother who writes letter after letter to Michael Gelman, then-producer of LIVE with Regis & Kathie Lee, hoping to persuade him to ask her daughter out 3. The woman who's set up with her cousin-by-marriage 4. The writer who endures eights hours of a Dungeons & Dragons convention 5. The over-zealous actor who performs a monologue at Starbucks 6. And the lawyer who sadly can't perform . . . at all

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