Whether your partner left or its you who decided to end therelationship, breaking-up is painful, difficult and sometimesoverwhelming. Friends and family urge you to forget the past and reachfor the future. However, it is never that simple. Before you can moveon, you need to understand what went wrong, mourn the loss and, mostimportantly, to heal. In this compassionate book, marital therapist, Andrew G Marshall takesyou from hearing the bad news or making the decision to leave, throughthe fall-out from the split, the first steps of recovery and finallyonto making a new life. He covers:- Knowing when to stop trying and accept the inevitable.- Why the break-up hurts so much.- Emotional first-aid to make it through the worst times.- The difference between looking back and learning, and becoming trapped in the past.- What helps and what hinders recovery.- Making sense of your break-up.- Helping your children cope.- Learning how to fly high again.With over 25 years experience as a marital therapist, Marshall drawson hundreds of case studies, and provides sensible, compassionate andpractical advice.(Some of the exercises in this book have appeared in I Love You But Im Not In Love With You by Andrew G. Marshall, published by Bloomsbury)

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