Three thousand years ago one of the earliest scriptures ever recorded, the Book of Enoch, Noah's great-grandfather, was written; 365 of the scriptures contained therein had been discovered, but one was missing. This lost parchment was purported to provide startling details of encounters with benevolent alien beings called The Watchers - information that could challenge and change traditional perceptions of mankind and the world. Oxford University professor of theology and languages, Donald Bryan, finds himself propelled from his university safe haven into the world of espionage, greed and corruption, accompanied on his roller-coaster adventure by National Security Agency agent Fae Winters, in a puzzle-solving, heart-stopping race against time to find the lost scripture before its secrets fall into the hands of fanatical religious groups. Everything you think you know about the world and its history, including the true identity of Christ and the secret inner workings of the US Government and influential worldwide corporations, will be thrust into doubt. Heavens Fire raises a crucial question: is there any truth? And the shocking answer is: those who know don't care; and those who care don't know.

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