Hedge Funds of Funds: A Guide for Investors is a comprehensive guide to investing in hedge funds of funds. Written by an experienced practitioner in clear, concise and jargon free language, this book gives an inside view of this often opaque area and empowers readers with the tools to get to the bottom of how hedge funds of funds really work.Key features include:A full description of the skill sets and facets needed in all areas of a hedge funds of funds;A wide-ranging set of questions to ask when assessing every area of a hedge fund of funds;Advice on every part of the process when investing in a hedge fund of funds, from short-listing through to mandate design and benchmarking;Two comprehensive practical examples of investment reports on both a hedge fund and a hedge fund of funds;A comprehensive analysis of recent developments in the field;A glossary of hedge fund terminology to help the reader de-code the jargon associated with the area.This book is essential reading for all those interested in developing depth to their understanding of how to invest in hedge funds of funds and how they, in turn, invest with hedge funds.

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