The essential resource on cardiac hemodynamics-now in a new editionHemodynamic Rounds, Third Edition is intended to help cardiologists and other members of the medical community enhance their understanding of cardiac physiology and its associated hemodynamic presentations in health and disease, including the basic principles of flow and pressure measurements; systemic as well as coronary hemodynamics in normal and diseased states; and changes in hemodynamics following interventional procedures ranging from valvuloplasty to stent placement.Like its popular predecessors, this new edition draws on case studies to illustrate characteristic cardiac hemodynamic findings and discuss the essential methods used in interpreting pressure waveforms as a diagnostic and monitoring tool.The text is organized into chapters on specific areas of the heart, common cardiac anomalies, and hemodynamic situations resulting from different therapeutic procedures, and includes both normal and abnormal pressure waveforms. This new edition includes thoroughly revised and updated chapters on specific topics, including:Mitral stenosis and mitral valvuloplastyLow-gradient aortic valve stenosis Pitfalls of right heart hemodynamics Aortic and pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty Coronary hemodynamics for angioplasty and stenting Hemodynamic evaluation of stenotic bioprosthetic mitral valves Evaluation of hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathies Understanding cardiac pathophysiology from bedside hemodynamic studyHemodynamic Rounds, Third Edition, is the only book on the market that specifically addresses comprehensive cardiac hemodynamic findings, reviewing blood pressure tracings collected from the cardiac catheterization lab on all aspects of cardiovascular disease, as well as normal cardiac function. It is an indispensable tool for all physicians, nurses, and students measuring and interpreting cardiac waveforms in cardiac diagnosis and monitoring.

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