The Hepatitis C Virus is a major global health problem affecting more than 170 million people. HCV can eventually lead to cirrhosis, liver failure, and cancer in many instances. This volume will include comprehensive original papers that cover much of the past, current, and future literature that has appeared since the identification of the hepatitis C virus RNA genome. It will specifically deal with the effects of various types of interferons in basic research and clinical outcomes of HCV disease and its progression. The novelty of this publication will be that the immunobiology of HCV and the IFN-induced modification of the immune response will be emphasized more clearly then it has ever been in any other publication. It will be the immunobiology section that will help readers better understand the clinical efficacy of Interferon treatment. It will be a valuable volume for the student, researcher, or clinician interested in HCV transmission, molecular virology, immune response, cellular/molecular pathogenesis, and possibilities for developing effective new therapeutics and vaccines.

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