A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including fem sub, fem dom, older woman/younger man and sex in public.Her First Submission by Bella MarksShes always fantasised about being dominated, tied up and spanked. And tonight, its finally going to happen. She submits for the first time to her boyfriend and newly fledged dom and he takes her on an erotically charged journey she will never forget.A Hot Dixie Fall by Dylan HarperWhen Marks brief marriage to Chloe falls apart, he finds unexpected consolation from Chloes mother-in-law, Jess. She might be almost twice his age, but hes about to discover the charms of this sophisticated cougar are more than a match for those of her daughter An Exciting Little Game by Elizabeth BlackTaking a break from the stresses of her marriage, Drea checks into a hotel with Eric to enjoy a hot and very intimate encounter. When Dreas nosy friend, Angela, spots them together, will it put an end to this delicious game or will it add an extra level of excitement?Relight My Boiler by Les HansomPaul might not be the worlds greatest plumber, but hes young, fit and very horny, and thats good enough for Sarah. When they find themselves up close and personal in the attic, her boiler might not be the only thing that gets a thorough servicing Family by I.G. FrederickAlthough Master Monica owns Kyle, a bisexual male switch, and Lisbet, a lesbian slave, her family still doesnt seem complete. Kyle needs a male sexual partner and someone he can dominate. Monica enjoys sexual scenarios involving herself and two men. Kyle finds a young man to bring into the family who seems suitable in all ways but one. The boy is gay, and Monica has to figure out whether (and how) she can make that work.

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