Your Ultimate "How-To" Guide to Java Programming! Legendary programming author Herb Schildt shares some of his favorite programming techniques in this high-powered Java "cookbook." Organized for quick reference, each recipe shows how to accomplish a practical programming task. A recipe begins with a list of key ingredients (the classes, methods, and interfaces) followed by step-by-step instructions that show how to assemble them into a complete solution. Detailed discussions explain the how and why behind each step, and a full code example puts the recipe into action. Each recipe ends with a list of options and alternatives that suggest ways to adapt the technique to fit a variety of situations. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, you'll find recipes that are sure to satisfy your Java programming appetite!Topics include:String HandlingRegular ExpressionsFile HandlingAppletsServletsSwingThe Collections FrameworkMultithreadingFormatting DataLearn how to:Find substrings that match a regular expressionUse regular expressions to tokenize a stringCompress and decompress data filesCreate a ZIP fileFormat time and dateUse printf( ) to display formatted dataReverse, rotate, and shuffle a listUse a Comparator with a collectionCreate a simple Swing applicationCreate a Swing-based appletCreate a simple servletUse a cookie with a servletSynchronize threadsMonitor a thread's stateSet and obtain a thread's priorityUse JScrollPane to automate scrollingAccess a resource using HttpURLConnection Schedule a task for future executionUse reflection to dynamically create an object and call methodsMuch, much more

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