Joint Forces JT Price returned home to find his marriage nearly dissolved. Then his wife, Rena, dropped her bomb: she was pregnant. After more than twenty years of marriage they were expecting a new baby...and JT saw his second chance had arrived. Until sudden danger loomed... Someone was out to destroy those he loved... Out of Uniform Injured marine Rick Wyatt didn't need a nursemaid, especially not his estranged wife, Kate. Having her so close only brought back buried memories of all they'd done together between the sheets - and everywhere else in the house! Down to the Wire It was supposed to be his final mission when the gorgeous, blue-eyed goddess swept into DEA agent Joe Corda's life. With her sensual beauty and surefire aim, Martine Duquesne made an ideal partner - in business and pleasure. But with their survival at stake, the last thing either needed was to be blindsided by love...

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