In this groundbreaking follow up to Regime Change Begins at Home, Charles Derber examines what is behind the rise of the corporate regime in America and what we can do to realign ourselves against it. •DOUBLE MEANING OF “HIDDEN POWER:” the book deals with two kinds of hidden power—the power behind “who really rules America,” and the power of the American people to change the system •REVEALS THE NATURE OF THE ELECTION TRAP: Unless you build a real movement toward more fundamental change, regime change, nothing is going to change even if you win the election. •TIMELESS: Hidden Power takes the timeless element of Regime Change Begins at Home and expands it into a classic commentary on the phenomenon of elections rather than the 2004 election: 6 of the 9 chapters are new, and 3 are revised versions of chapters that first appeared in Regime Change Begins at Home. Republican? Democrat? Red? Blue? According to Charlie Derber, it’s all the same. In Hidden...

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