Why do men cheat? How do they start? Why do they go on, knowing the risks? Carson Benning has been through fumbling relationships, through self-denial even when opportunities were there for the taking, yet he has remained loyal and true. He has a marriage and lifestyle others envy, a sex life too, full of vigor, his virtues full of grace. And then ... there is that moment, when looks are no longer enough, carpe diem becomes his mantra, the dangers merely heightening the thrill, even as the stakes get higher. Soon travel presents even greater opportunity, no longer is he a submarine, cautiously popping a head up to look for targets, now he is a battleship! The targets are plentiful, and the hunting is good! There is a whole world of lust and steaminess, full of stolen freedoms in exotic locations, and always the thrill of the chase, again and again! And each time, the conscience easier to assuage, the acts easier to rationalize, friendship to sex in a lazy spiral, then the self serving relief of "getting away with it" once again. But as the years pass, so too, do the 'bits on the side'. Then one night in bed with his wife , Carson Benning smells the scent of sex ... and it is not of him! The worm has turned ... and as with all things, there are consequences!

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