In her groundbreaking book The SouthwestAirlines Way, Jody Hoffer Gittell revealedthe management secrets of the companyFortune magazine called the most successfulairline in history. Now, the bestsellingbusiness author explains how to apply thosesame principles in one of our nations largest,most important, and increasingly complexindustries.High Performance Healthcare explains the criticalconcept of relational coordinationcoordinating work through shared goals,shared knowledge, and mutual respect.Because of the way healthcare is organized,weak links exist throughout the chain ofcommunication. Gittell clearly demonstratesthat relational coordination strengthens thoseweak links, enabling providers to deliver highquality, efficient care to their patients.Using Gittells innovative management methods,you will improve quality, maximizeefficiency, and compete more effectively.High Performance Healthcare walks you step by stepthrough the process of:Identifying weak areas of relationalcoordination within your organizationTransforming work practices thatare creating barriers to relationalcoordinationBuilding a high performance worksystem to foster consistent relationalcoordination across all disciplinesThe book includes case studies illustratinghow some healthcare organizations arealready transforming themselves using Gittellsproven tools. It concludes by identifying industry-level obstacles to high performancehealthcare and showing how individual organizationsand their leaders can supportsweeping change at the highest levels.Policy changes and increased access to carewill not alone answer the healthcare industrysproblems. Timely, accurate, problem-solvingcommunication that crosses all organizationalboundaries is a powerful response to businessas usual. High Performance Healthcare explainsexactly how to achieve this crucial dynamic,providing a long-awaited cure to an industryin crisis.

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