This first comprehensive book on heterogeneous catalysis provides an up-to-date overview of the current status and advances being made in this rapidly growing field. The authors from both academia and industry apply HTS to the discovery and optimization of complex multi-component heterogeneous catalysts and electrocatalysts, while also analyzing its capabilities and limitations. They also include CombiCatalysis, screening and optimization strategies, as well as aspects of electrocatalysis, and make use of various industrial methodologies, such as those of Avantium, H.T.E., Symyx, Sintef and IMM, to demonstrate the various approaches to overcoming the challenges of miniaturization. The text is supported throughout by numerous tables, illustrations, graphs, and photographs of synthesis and reactor equipment, most of them in color. For advanced students, catalytic or solid-state chemists in R&D and engineers specializing in reactor technology, detection schemes and automation.

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