Generate Better, Faster ResultsUsing Less Capital and Fewer Resources![The High-Velocity Edge] contains ideas that form the basis for structured continuouslearning and improvement in every aspect of our lives. While this book is tailored to businessleaders, it should be read by high school seniors, college students, and those already in theworkforce. With the broad societal application of these ideas, we can achieve levels ofaccomplishment not even imagined by most people.The Honorable Paul H. ONeill, former CEO and Chairman, Alcoa, andFormer Secretary of the TreasurySome firms outperform competitors in many ways at oncecost, speed, innovation, service.How? Steve Spear opened my eyes to the secret of systemizing innovation: taking it from theoccasional, unpredictable stroke of genius to something you and your people domonth-in, month-out to outdistance rivals.Scott D. Cook, founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Intuit, Inc.Steven Spear connects a deep study of systems with practical management insightsand does it better than any organizational scholar I know. [This] is a profoundly important bookthat will challenge and inspire executives in all industries to think more clearly about thetechnical and social foundations of organizational excellence.Donald M. Berwick, M.D., M.P.P., President and CEO,Institute for Healthcare ImprovementAbout the BookHow can some companies perform sowell that their industry counterpartsare competitors in name only? Although theyoperate in the same industry, serve the samemarket, and even use the same suppliers,these extraordinary, high-velocity organizationsconsistently outperform all the competitionand, more importantly, continuallywiden their leads.In The High-Velocity Edge,Steven J. Spear describes what sets market-dominatingcompanies apart and provides adetailed framework you can leverage to surgeto the lead in your own industry.Spear examines the internal operations ofdominant organizations across a wide spectrumof industries, from technology todesign and from manufacturing to healthcare.While he investigates several great operationaltriumphs, like top-tier teachinghospitals fantastic improvements in qualityof care, Pratt & Whitneys competitive gainsin jet engine design, and the U.S. Navysbreakthroughs in inventing and applyingnuclear propulsion, The High-Velocity Edge isnot just about the adoration of success. It alsotakes a critical look at some of the operationalmissteps that have humbled even the mostreputable and respected of companies andorganizations. The decades-long prominenceof Toyota, for example, is contrasted withthe many factors leading to the automakerssweeping 2010 product recalls.Taken together, these multiple perspectivesand in-depth case studies show how to:Build a system of dynamic discoverydesigned to reveal operational problemsand weaknesses as they ariseAttack and solve problems when and wherethey occur, converting weaknessesinto strengthsDisseminate knowledge gained from solvinglocal problems throughout the companyas a wholeCreate managers invested in developingeveryones capacity to continually innovateand improveWhatever kind of company you operatefrom technology to fi nance to healthcaremastery of these four key capabilities willput you on the fast track to operationalexcellence, where you will generate faster,better resultsusing less capital and fewerresources.Apply the lessons of Steven J. Spear and gaina high-velocity edge over every competitor inyour industry.

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