This is a fascinating introduction to the topic. Spanning the spectrum of nucleic acid chemistry, carbohydrates, peptides, molecular recognition, biosynthesis and natural biosynthesis, right up to medical and biophysical chemistry, the book provides advanced students and those already working in the field with a balanced overview.In more than 30 contributions, a new generation of recognized scientists gives an account of the latest research in such areas asArtificial receptors for the stabilization of -sheet structuresCarbohydrate recognition by artificial receptorsCombinatorial chemistry as a tool for the discovery of catalystsThe interaction of NO and peroxynitrite with hemoglobin and myoglobinInhibitors against human mast-cell-tryptase as a potential approach to conquering asthmaThe selectivity of DNA replication.A readily accessible survey for everyone wishing to stay abreast of developments.With a Foreword by Ronald Breslow.

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