Your hands-on guide to one of the world's major religionsThe dominant religion of India, "Hinduism" refers to a wide variety of religious traditions and philosophies that have developed over thousands of years. Today, the United States is home to approximately one million Hindus.If you've heard of this ancient religion and are looking for a reference that explains the intricacies of the customs, practices, and teachings of this ancient spiritual system, Hinduism For Dummies is for you!Provides a thorough introduction to this earliest and popular world belief systemInformation on the rites, rituals, deities, and teachings associated with the practice of HinduismExplores the history and teachings of the Vedas, Brahmans, and UpanishadsOffers insight into the modern daily practice of Hinduism around the worldContinuing the Dummies tradition of making the world's religions engaging and accessible to everyone, Hinduism For Dummies is your hands-on, friendly guide to this fascinating religion.

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