At his mercy...and in his arms? Innocent on Her Wedding Night Two years ago Laine fled Daniel - innocent but still his wife. Now broke she accepts a job as his cleaner. Yet Daniel still craves the wedding night they never shared... Housekeeper at His Beck and Call Liv's reluctant to take a job as brooding soldier Cade's housekeeper. He may be gorgeous but Cade's heart's as hard as they come. Yet even Cade struggles not to give into the desire that his virginal maid inspires! The Australian's Housekeeper Bride Rhiannon's shocked when stormy billionaire Lee hires her. He needs a wife - and the mousy housekeeper fits the bill! Swept off her feet, Rhiannon agrees. But what secret is her new husband hiding...? Three glamorous and intense Cinderella romances from your favourite Modern authors

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