Your idea of romance is getting flowers and card delivered to you at work. The thought of it alone can make you giddy. Unfortunately, if you try to do that for him, odds are all you'll get is a blank stare and a muttered thank you. Little did you know he would have swooned over tickets to the game or even just a six-pack of beer. Don't worry ladies, Hers is here to help you out. Packed with fun, affordable, and sexy ideas to rock your man's world, Hers is the guide you need to get his romantic engine going. These sweet and sensuous encounters could even spark him into some romantic gestures of his own. / His: if your idea of romance is paying half price for a bucket of chicken and peeling the skin off for her, she probably thinks you're hopeless. But you're not hopeless. You just need help. Here's His to the rescue. It's filled with all kinds of romantic ideas. Best of all, most of them are cheap and easy--just like you. Whether you're on a tight budget or an unlimited one, blissfully happy with Ms. Right or spending time with Ms. Right Now, His is filled with ideas that will help you stay off the couch at night.

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