A compact and competent history of this Indian Army unit, first raised in the Punjab in the 1840s. It was intended for internal security work and to guard the always turbulent North-West Frontier. Its first active operations, however, were in helping to quell the Indian Mutiny of 1857-58. Under Gen. Sir Hope Grant it served at Mardan, Lucknow and through Oude, ending up on the border with Nepal. After the Mutiny, it became part of the Punjab Frontier Force. It took part in the second Afghan War as part of the Kurram Valley Field Force, fighting at the Peiwar Kotal, Charasia, Deh-Afghana and defending the Sherpur Cantonment. In the 1880s it operated against the Mahsud tribesmen. During the Great War, the regiment sailed for France and fought at the 1915 battles of Festubert, Neuve Chapelle, and Aubers Ridge. It was then ordered to Egypt, and took part in the Palestine campaign, helping to occupy Jerusalem. In the 1920s the unit took part in operations against Afghanistan and the Waziris. The text of this book is accompanied by five appendices with awards and Rolls of Honour from the Great War and Indian operations. There are 13 illustrations and six maps.

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