The Cheshire's (22nd Foot) mustered thirty-eight battalions during the course of the war, of which fifteen saw action. Between them they served in every theatre of war: Western Front, Gallipoli, Italy, Macedonia, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Total dead amounted to 8,420, seventy-five battle honours were awarded and two VCs.The construction of this history is unusual: each theatre of war is taken separately and within that theatre the narrative unfolds chronologically, but instead of chapter or section headings there are, in the main, Battle Honour headings with dates and descriptions, some brief, some extensive, of the action which won the Honour and the identity of the battalion or battalions involved. There are a few headings that relate to less significant events, these are shown in lower case while the Battle Honour headings are in upper case. So with this history, when you look at the list of contents you are looking at the roll of Battle Honours awarded to the Regiment. Usually such lists are shown either on the title page or in a separate appendix. It is a history full of action with many personal contributions, with maps and sketches to support the narrative which often summarises the casualties at the end of an action. There are some useful appendices. The Roll of Honour is introduced with a summary showing the totals of dead, officers 378, other rank totals by battalions followed by the nominal rolls, officers grouped alphabetically, other ranks in their battalions. The 56-page list of Honours and Awards, including Mentions, is arranged alphabetically, the rank of the recipient is not given but citations are given for VC, DSO, MC and DCM awards; and the final appendix, entitled 'Mobilization', gives briefly the story of each battalion before it went overseas.

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