First published in 1847, The History of the Conquest of Peru was a companion piece to The History of the Conquest of Mexico. Readers will follow along with famous explorers like Francisco Pizarro and Pedro de la Gasca as they wage war against the native tribes and establish cities that have lasted to this day. In order to orient the reader, Prescott begins with a description of the Incas and their society. The main action of the invasion proceeds quickly, and the natives are easily overtaken. But unlike the conquest of Mexico, which ended in a valiant struggle for the capital, the conquest of Peru became a series of battles between the victorious Spaniards themselves. Peru could not rightly be said to be conquered until the Spanish crown put an end to the internal bickering. Students of history will enjoy this extensive account of the history of Peru. American historian, writer, and scholar WILLIAM HICKLING PRESCOTT (1796-1859) was a regular contributor to the prestigious Boston...

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