A collection of five erotic gay stories with explicit male on male action by Landon Dixon.Campus See-curity: Im a security guard. My beat is a second-rate college; my job, usually about as exciting as a Cop Rock re-run. One night, however, things really did heat up, and my nightstick got more than its usual palm piloting. This is how it went down.Golden Boys: 1898, the Klondike the gold rush! Jack Tip Taylor miner, adventurer, stock promoter, mule-skinner, sled dog musher and infamous con man is on the trail of the Goldtwinkle Twins, Tommy Mulray and Dag Grunthle. And while he admires their body-mining technique, on one another, what he lusts after even more is the golden contents of their bulging saddlebags.Hardboiled: Schiller is taking Hardboiled American Literature of the 1930s, but his mind just cant stop wandering in class, fantasizing about sexy Professor Convey. Because although the impressionable young student appreciates the hardboiled scribblings of Horace McCoy, Edward Anderson, James M. Cain and Raymond Chandler, he appreciates the hard, boiled body and hot good looks of Professor Convey even more. So, he carries his class observations out into the field, for some up-close and personal research on the hunky educator.Dicked: A private dick surveils a scene he never wanted to see: his boyfriend getting cock-whacked by a bad-ass biker-type. He buries himself in his work to ease the pain, a woman after evidence that her husband is cheating on her with another woman. Only, things arent what they seem in this twisted case, and the dicks pay-off is something entirely unexpected.Hit On Me: There was All-American athlete-academic Lester naked as the break of day and twice as bright and beautiful. His muscular, water-washed body gleamed on full display through the clear-paned shower door. He was soaping up his ebony physique almost exactly as Id fantasized, the needle spray of heated water cascading over his handsome, fine-featured face, his powerful, mouth-watering torso. A crunching tackle during a pick-up football game leads to some further rough play on the home field.These stories have also been published in Hot Tales of Gay Lust Two 9781908192462

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