What's worse than spam, more dangerous than cyber sex, and scarier than getting a computer virus? An Instant Message from the guy who got away ten years ago... grayscale: amber fleece? is that you? foreveramber: OMG. Am I dreaming? grayscale: it's me, toots. amazing how many people this thing unearthed. foreveramber: Sort of like worms. What happens when a randomly accessed memory changes from a harmless Google to rekindled love? Someone has to draw the line between adultery and e-dultery... to: wonderwoman from: tmark Hey gorgeous. I'm back in the halls of the old workplace. to: tmark from: wonderwoman Just when I thought it was safe to go on line... to: wonderwoman from: tmark I think of you every time I pass the video closet...remember? to: tmark from: wonderwoman Sorry, Tom, I've gone down the mommy track and not even you can derail me. (I hope.) Hit Reply is what happens when female friends turn to former lovers -- and each other -- to find fulfillment. foreveramber: I'm 28, in advertising, single, and you know what I need the most? wonderwoman: You need the strength of character to survive corporate politics, the confidence to believe in your inner beauty, and a trip to the Borghese counter. foreveramber: Nah. I need a guy who looks like Brad Pitt.

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