Sometimes appearances aren't what they seem... Grace Lindstrom has followed her fiance across three continents, starry-eyed in love and full of hope. But when Grace realizes the life she's been living is nothing but a lie, she returns home to Summer Island, the sleepy town where she grew up, to put the pieces of her life back together. By day, she perfects rare chocolate recipes for a new book. By night, she helps her father at his veterinary clinic-until the moment Sam Walker comes into her life. Just home from duty in Afghanistan, Sam has too much baggage of his own to deal with a heartbroken chef. But when a violent storm traps them together for a night, he learns there's more to Grace than he imagined-and suddenly, she's all that matters.... "Complex and multi-faceted...Skye has written one finely crafted, very romantic love story." -Publishers Weekly on Bride of the Mist

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