This edited collection presents a comprehensive examination of women's relationships to housing--both as consumers of housing services and managers of these services. The book begins with a discussion of women's experience of housing as buyers of property and users of housing services, examining in detail income differentials, the dominance of the needs of the nuclear family in housing forms and the ways in which housing allocations policies often discriminate against women. Subsequent discussion looks at women as producers of housing and assesses the structures within which they have to work. While much of the literature to date has portrayed women as passive recipients of services and victims of discrimination, this volume shows the very active role women have played, for example in housing protest movements. Throughout, the book is forward looking, considering the possibility of new housing forms which would challenge gender assumptions and be more attractive to women. The contributors make policyrecommendations necessary to the creation of affordable housing and employment and training agencies to ensure better equal opportunity policies.

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