Despite the threat it poses to human civilisations, the world is still struggling to take significant action on climate change. The failure of the Copenhagen Summit of 2009 to agree "what" or "when" action will be taken has left the climate with a 50/50 chance of producing weather never before experienced by humankind. Weather that may, literally, be impossible for humans to live with. How to be a Humankind Superhero illustrates how we got into this mess in the first place and identifies the single core issue that must be addressed. It shows how the individual can play a real part in putting things right, by setting out a 12 step challenge for them to get involved to reduce their own impact and encourage change from businesses and politicians. By engaging, the reader can expect a 20 to 50% reduction in their personal carbon footprint and contribute to building an unstoppable force for change. Individuals across the globe who are concerned by climate change often lack the information to engage in substantial action against it. How to be a Humankind Superhero provides the necessary inspiration for people who want to make an impact. The book contains an offer for free electricity for readers who switch their supply to Good Energy, the only suppliers of 100% renewable electricity.

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