You have to do it you might as well enjoy itNo one likes a pushy, smarmy salesman no one wants to be that guybut most of us need to sell to some extent. How else can we get any business? We all have to do it now, whether were lawyers, accountants or start-ups. But dont despair theres no need to go on some cringey sales training day. How to be Great at the Stuff You Hate shows you how to develop all the skills you need to sell yourself, your business and your ideas. So ditch the dread, forget the fear and start enjoying yourself! Selling isnt something you do to people, it's not some dark art practised by pushy and manipulative people its a process, its a relationshipits fun! All you need to do is cut the crap, be yourself and win some business.How to be Great at the Stuff You Hate shows you how to:

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