This is a book that grew out of the many practical "how-to" questions that the author's psychotherapy students have asked him over the years. It is neither an evidence-based compendium nor an attempt to summarize general practice or the viewpoints of others, but rather a handbook of practical answers to many of the questions that may puzzle students of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Some of the short chapters include:How to choose a personal psychoanalystHow to do an initial interviewHow to listen to a patientHow to recognize and understand self-states, multiple identities, true and false selves, etc.How to tell what the transference isHow to deal with the sadomasochistic transferenceHow to understand the need for recognitionHow to think about analytic processHow to practice holistic healingHow to refer a patient for medicationHow to get paid for your workHow to manage vacations, weekends, illnesses, no-shows and other disturbances of continuityWhile trying to give simple answers to sometimes very difficult questions, it is written at a level of sophistication that may make it of interest even to experienced practitioners.

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