Margaret Lomas stormed onto the investment scene in mid-2001. Her first book, How to Make Your Money Last as Long as You Do, quickly sold out and reprinted twice within the first eight months of being on sale. Investors clamoured to attend speaking engagements and she was swiftly picked up by two radio stations for regular finance talk-back segments.Margaret's key to long-term wealth creation is a unique approach she and her husband have followed themselves, with proven success, for years. These pages are not full of hyped-up theory and get-rich-quick promises, but contain a step-by-step, easy-to-follow positive cash flow investment strategy that almost anyone can adopt to create an income for life.Chapters offer useful information on:Safely investing in positive cash flow propertyTaking advantage of home equity and hedging against the usual pitfalls of investing in propertyEmploying a specific borrowing strategy which eliminates debt quicklyThe questions to ask when researching your marketFollowing strict, unemotional guidelines for investment property selection.

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