Step-by-step coverage of the latest iPhone, plus iTunes and the App Store How to Do Everything: iPhone 4S covers all the smartphone features of this brand-new version of Apples revolutionary device, as well how to use all of the iPhones other capabilities. This hands-on guide explains how to video chat using FaceTime, load music, videos, and data onto the iPhone, use email, surf the web, keep up with social media accounts, take photos, create and edit business documents, and much more. Find out how to fully exploit the iPhone with both Windows PCs and Macs. How to Do Everything: iPhone 4SContains clear instructions with screenshots and illustrations that guide you through everything from unboxing the iPhone and installing iTunes to troubleshooting hardware and software issuesIncludes How To and Did You Know? sidebars with extra information to help you with tricky issues and queriesExplains how to use the iPhone 4S and iTunes with both Windows PCs and Macs, covering Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7 LionHelps you get the most out of your iPhone for business or personal useIncludes details on connecting to Microsoft Exchange servers as well as corporate networks through VPNOffers tips for building a comprehensive media library in iTunes and keeping it backed up

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