Master Microsoft Expression Web 2Build dynamic, standards-based web sites for personal or professional use with help from this easy-to-follow guide. How to Do Everything: Microsoft Expression Web 2 shows you how to use all of the versatile features this powerful web design tool has to offer. Screenshots along with detailed text demonstrate how to build your site, style it with Cascading Style Sheets, add multimedia, and enable interactivity. You'll also get details on using PHP and ASP.NET. Now it's easier than ever to get your web site up and running!Build web pages and add and configure text and imagesLink content in your siteView and edit XHTML codeCreate and manage styles with Cascading Style SheetsLay out pages with dynamic web templates and layersOrganize content in tables and framesCreate JavaScript code to add behaviors for action and interactionInclude media elements using Silverlight, Flash, Microsoft Media, Java, and PodcastsCollect and validate information with formsBuild dynamic pages with PHP and create ASP.NET web pagesOptimize, test, publish, and manage your web site

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