'Crammed with useful advice delivered in a straight-forward, no nonsense approach this text helps students to get off the starting blocs.. I recommend that all media dissertation students begin their project with it' - Simon Cottle, University of Melbourne. How to do Media and Cultural Studies provides an essential student guide to the process of research and writing. Aimed at any student about to start on an extended essay or dissertation it covers all the key stages - from formulating a research question to writing up. How to do Media and Cultural Studies: - Covers both quantitative and qualitative methods - Includes separate chapters of how to analyze media and cultural texts, industries and audiences - Works through a series of key examples of media and cultural research - Includes a list of useful library resources and essential web sites. Suitable for use as a coursebook, this book can also be used independently by students. No other book provides such an accessible and practical guide. How to do Media and Cultural Studies is an essential purchase for all media, communication, film and cultural studies students.

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